Whyte Booth Pictures

Whyte Booth Pictures is a new motion picture company, dedicated to filling an important void that exists in today's movie business.

In the current economic climate, films in the UK are predominantly limited to three options:

• Big Studio productions – normally animation/family films
• Small, low-budget indie films, typically shot on RED or HD
• Government funded films that rarely make a profit

This dysfunctional climate has left many British screenwriters and directors longing for a place where they can create their vision without having to pass it through Studio or Government involvement, typically filtering their vision.

Whyte Booth recognises this gap in the market. Our sole mission is to make exciting and artistic films with real vision, that are capable of making large profits for investors. We never lose sight of the fact that the film business is a business. However, we know from history that one does not need to make only big budget blockbusters, in order to make a profit. There are plenty of original ideas out there that are just as capable of making a sizable return to investors.

For most of us, the best movies are the ones that are both artistic and commercial. Whether it's The Graduate or The Godfather of an earlier time, or something more recent like Million Dollar Baby; these are the films that we remember. One cinema chain C.E.O. Recently described this union of the artistic and the commercial as 'The Sweet Spot'. Whyte Booth intends to occupy this spot.

The UK film industry has long been associated with Drama and Gangster Movies. Dwindling figures in these genres, coupled with low/no sales outside of the UK, prove that cinema-goers worldwide are now expecting much more from our home grown talent. And we fully intend to capitalise upon that.