Gabrielle Lederman Whyte (Producer)

gabySince graduating in 2005 from the highly acclaimed New York Film Academy, Gabrielle Lederman Whyte has always aspired to produce a ground breaking feature film. Gabrielle started making her mark in the industry when offered to work in Los Angeles on the internationally successful TV Drama “CSI”. After gaining essential skills working in production Gabrielle moved back to the UK to work for “PFD Agency” working closely with writers, directors and broadcasters for BBC and ITV. From her work with PFD, Gabrielle was given the opportunity to gain experience in the Acquisition sector at “Momentum Pictures”. Soon thereafter she produced and directed film "Tide" and "Second Childood" which won awards in the UK. She visited Cannes Film Festival to promote her films and thereafter teamed up with Producer Mark Booth and Director Nicholas David Lean to create the highly anticipated new thriller “Hard Shoulder”.


Mark Booth (Producer)

markThe founder of two successful IT companies, Mark Booth has forged a successful career as IT Manager, project manager and software developer. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, Mark has always been passionate about film and media, and was offered the unmissable opportunity to finance and produce the feature film “Hard Shoulder”. His foundation in business and project management meant his skills were utilized to the full in being a full-time producer on the project. Mark is now looking forward to the many rewarding challenges faced on future film projects such as Timeless.